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God, Inc.

My buddy JP must have a lot of free time, because he finds the most amazing jewels online. Over the Easter holiday weekend, he told me about this series called God, Inc. It envisions life (or, the afterlife) working in God’s highly bureaucratic organization. Think The Office meets The Afterlife. Not only are the 3 – 5 minute episodes brilliantly funny, they’re also well acted and well produced.
Watch the entire series and a couple of on the creator’s web site,

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Midsomer Murders

This imported English TV show has some sort of strange hold on my roommate. He loves this show and watches it almost every day. It’s on the Biography channel all the time. Thanks to the magic of the Comcast DVR, there’s always a new (to him) episode on.

Woe is me! When will I get the TV back??? When am I going to be able to watch Lisa Williams??? Though I guess the funny thing is that they’re murdered on my roommate’s TV show, and then we communicate with them from beyond the grave on Lisa’s…

Midsomer Murders on IMDB:

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Lisa Williams :: Life Among the Dead

Tonight, I watched two episodes of Lisa Williams back to back thanks to my Comcast DVR. Oh my god, I love this new show!

Have you ever seen this show before? These were the first two episodes I’d ever seen. And I’m totally hooked now — even though the show is on Lifetime.

Lisa is a medium/clairvoyant. She moved to Los Angeles with her husband and son earlier this year and they began taping this reality show.

She walks around, randomly approaching people on sidewalks, in cafes, cheese shops, bookstores, and so on and gives them a random reading. It surprises the hell out of these folks, but it seems so completely genuine and real. It’s truly amazing.

Plus, people will come to her office for personal readings. Those are also really amazing. And then the producers will arrange for her to visit haunted houses for random real-time readings. Those are also really interesting.

Lisa is so pretty, so down to earth, and so incredibly warm and friendly. I love that she doesn’t act aloof from people. She comes across as accessible and genuine. It’s great to see how she relates to people during the readings. She’s non-threatening and tries to help people feel comfortable as they deal with the emotional trauma of reconnecting with loved ones who’ve passed.

I also love this show because it totally jibes with my feelings about spirituality…

Anyways, I think this show just started this past October, so I can’t wait to watch the rest of the shows this season. Love it!

Lisa Williams site on Lifetime:

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