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Fake Jerry Yang

Over at the Fake Steve Jobs blog (aka, “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs”), Fake Steve has gone “on vacation” for awhile leaving Fake Jerry Yang (CEO of Yahoo) to take his place.

I miss Fake Steve. He was funny.

But fortunately Fake Jerry is funny & insightful, too. And his writing is eerily familiar…


Personally, I think that Fake Jerry is FAKE and that Fake Steve is behind the whole thing. I wouldn’t put it past him. That fakester. Faker McFakester.

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Speed Racer is Brilliant Fun!

Went to see Speed Racer last night — and loved it!

I know it’s gotten mediocre reviews in the press, but I thought it was fantastic. The visuals were stunning. The whole movie was like a Japanese manga (comic book) come to life. The Wachowski brothers did a fantastic job of directing the film and giving it a true manga/anime visual style, with a bit of fun camp. And Speed’s kid brother, Spritle, stole every scene.

Anyone looking for an Oscar-winning dramatic performance along the lines of No Country For Old Men or There Will Be Blood will be disappointed. But c’mon. Let’s be honest here. Is that what you’d expect of Speed Racer? No! You’ll come for the adrenalin-soaked, eye-popping visuals, great racing, and a fun story line.

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Iron Man!

Last night, some friends & I went to see Iron Man. Thankfully, it wasn’t just good, it was brilliant! Well acted, good writing, nice balance of serious and fun.

In my humble opinion, it was the best of any of the movies based on Marvel superheroes. Better even than Spider-Man.

So definitely go check it out. And don’t forget to stay until after the final credits have rolled for a bonus scene…

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Brewfest ’07!

Last November, 11 other friends and I went to Shrewsbury (near Worcester) to brew our own beer at Deja Brew. We made 6 batches in total. Three weeks later we went back to bottle it. I’m glad to say that the beer turned out really well! (I’m also still slowly working my way through those 3 cases I walked away with.)

I snapped a bunch of pictures on my Nokia E65 and promptly forgot about them until today. Silly me!

Check them out my online photo gallery!

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Obit: Pigboat Explosion Kills iPhone Love Child Off Baja California Coast

CrunchGear is running a contest to give away a piece of crap MP4 music player. Details here:

Fake iPod TouchWhat?? Did someone say “win a free geeky device”? Oh yes, my friend, they did! And of course, I just had to enter the contest!

To enter, you had to write a post on saying what you’d do with it. Well, my post isn’t exactly about what to do with it, but since the key phrase “pigboat explosion” had to be in the subject line, it got the little wheels in my brain a-turning. So I wrote a fun little posting. Here’s an excerpt:

“McJobs, 2GB, lived a somewhat infamous lifestyle as he claimed to be the love child of the Apple iPhone and a Mexican prostitute, conceived during a drunken spring break excursion. The iPhone disavows any relationship to Mr. McJobs, but did admit to a weakness for cheap tequila. ”

[Read the full post…]

Now, I guess I have to be careful if I were to win the device. According to the unfortunate, underpaid blog writer at TechCrunch who reviewed the device, use of the device “may cause herpes, loose stool, and renal failure.” Yikes! But I’m willing to take that chance for a piece of exotic gadgetry. After all, I do use a UIQ-based phone!

Meanwhile, have I mentioned my cool new scuba gear and underwater GPS unit? (Read the full post…) 🙂

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Waterbeds for Cows

Having a long day? Take 3 minutes out to read about one innovative farmer in the UK who is thinking outside the box. He installed waterbeds for his dairy cows!

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan. Watching this, I couldn’t help but wonder whether our cows would’ve liked them, too. I bet they would have!

Maybe then they would have let us ride them more often. They never let me on them, but they were okay with my brother getting on their backs a few times. My brother, the “cow whisperer”…

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A Night With Jacqueline

I visited my former office yesterday, iSkoot, and snapped a few last pics with my former co-worker, Jacqueline. Then last night, my friend, Dave, and I went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. After dinner, we went to Atwoods and met up with Jacqueline and a few of her friends.

Isn’t Jacqueline a cutie? And now she’s moving off to San Fran next month! I’m going to miss that girl… 🙁

(Click on a thumbnail to view it full size) 

Jacqueline kissing Anthony’s cheek

Anthony kissing Jacqueline’s cheek

Jacqueline and Anthony at Atwood’s

Dave, Jacqueline and Anthony

Dave and Anthony at Atwood’s

Anthony enjoying a beer at Atwood’s

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