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Happy Thanksgiving!

This was my fourth year for going out to Western Mass to spend the holiday with family friends. We’re very close so I call Patrick and Kathy my cousins, and I refer to their two adorable kids (Emily, 6, and Ryan, 4) as my neice and nephew.It was Partrick & Kathy’s family, Patrick’s father, and myself. A small gathering, so we enjoyed a ham rather than baking a big ol’ turkey. (And having leftovers for weeks afterwards!)After dinner, Emily and I made buttermilk Christmas cookies. This was her first time ever making Christmas cookies! We baked the cookies that night, then decorated them this morning. Emily and I decorated most of them, but Kathy helped. Emily made a special candy cane cookie with red frosting and pink sprinkles for her daddy. (And silly me, I forgot to take a picture of it!) Emily had lots of fun and was proud that she’d done such a good job at it. She’s so cute!

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