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Lost in a Corn Maze

Some friends and I joined up with the Chiltern Outdoors group to enjoy the giant corn maze in Sterling, MA, yesterday. It turns out that this farm does it every year and their “Mega Maze” is very well known throughout Massachusetts! Who knew?

There were about 15 people who showed up for the Chiltern event altogether. We broke up into smaller groups to go through the maze; 5 of us in my group.

Oh boy, did we get lost! Our group kept tracing and retracing our steps. Finally, after an hour and a half we asked the kids working there for help to at least get onto a new path and into a different section of the maze.

Another hour and half after that, we literally stumbled onto the way out. Thank goodness! We were all becoming a bit stir crazy by then. And hot. And hungry!

Here’s a picture of our group at the exit. Notice the relief on our faces!

Our Corn Maze Team - Happy to be Done!

(Thanks for the picture, Thom!)

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