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FloPrompter Patch for Vista PCs

Let me first say:  I love how easy Microsoft makes it to write and publish software for Windows PCs!

The programming tools are great and there is a lively community of companies making innovative (and some not so innovative) components that you can easily plug into your own software. For example, I use third party components in my software teleprompter program, FloPrompter, to support the robust word processing, spell checking, and thesaurus functionality.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has really screwed up some of the security foundations for Vista which makes life really difficult for little companies like FloSpace. Almost immediately after publishing FloSpace FloPrompter version 3.0, we started getting reports from current and prospective customers that the product would crash on Windows Vista compuers. It works great on Windows XP computers, however. What the heck??

The source of the problem was apparent immediately: Vista doesn’t like the code we use that provides the mirrored text functionality. However, it took about a month to figure out an acceptable solution. The bad news is that there’s no silver bullet to fix this problem. The moderately good news is that I finally figured out how to write a “patch” that, when run on a Vista PC, will fix the problem.

It’s only a “moderately good” solution because ideally, customers shouldn’t have to jump through any hoops at all, like running a second patch program. You should be able to just run the installer once and have it work on all Windows computers automatically.

I posted an entry on the FloSpace blog detailing the problem and new patcher solution. Check it out:

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New Pictures: Portland, Maine

An old friend of mine from high school was visiting Portland, so I drove up to spend a couple days with her. We hadn’t seen each other in at least 10 years, so it was a great visit!

It was my first opportunity to hang out in Portland, ME, too, and I really enjoyed it. Great food scene and a great vibe.

Check out my pictures on Flickr:

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Bollywood Music Video with Natalie Portman

Don’t you just love Natalie Portman? She seems like such a cool person. Considering that she’s been in a range of interesting movies, is starring in the upcoming True Blood series on HBO, and then goes and co-stars in a trippy music video like Carmenista by Devendra Banhart. Check it out:

I love this video…  🙂

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Twittering up a storm!

I recently joined Twitter, a fun “micro-blogging” service. As a result, I haven’t been posting to this blog much recently…

Check out my latest comings and goings on Twitter:

Perhaps my favorite feature on Twitter is that someone wrote a bridge which copies my Twitter posts to Facebook as status updates. A lot of my friends use Facebook all day/every day, so this is a great way for me to keep in touch with them, as well. I just wish that there were bridges to update my status messages at Google Talk and Skype with my Twitter updates, as well…

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North Shore Day Trip

An old friend of mine whom I originally met about 16 years ago recently got in touch with me through Facebook. We had lost touch with each other about 10 years ago.

Mark was planning a visit to New England to visit some family, so he stopped by Boston for a couple of days. I love to go sightseeing with friends from out of town. With the gorgeous weather, Mark rented a Seabreeze convertible and we headed up the North Shore for a nice drive.

What’s really cool is that Mark has one of those super cool digital SLR cameras. (They also cost a small fortune…) He let me borrow it to snap pictures all day. I’m totally in love with that camera! Time to start saving up some spare cash…

Check out the pictures I took in my online picture gallery:

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Newburyport Music Festival

Some friends and I went to the Newburyport, MA, Music Festival on the 12th.

While walking to Newburyport Center, we came across a papier mache bird that had been thrown out and abandoned on the street. Carl took an immediate liking to the bird. We named him Ruffles and he became our mascot for the day! We snapped quite a few pictures with people in our group plus random strangers with Ruffles.

Check out the pictures on Flickr:

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