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Hollywood learns to love FloPrompter!

Well, okay, that may be a bit of an overstatement. It’d be nice though!

What’s cool is that another small Hollywood area studio purchased FloPrompter this week. To date that brings us up to about a half dozen small studios. I won’t say which one made the purchase this week, but judging from their web site, it looks like they’re focusing on short films. That’s pretty cool!

I love seeing who purchases FloPrompter and imagining how they’re using the software…

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iSkoot now supports Windows Mobile!

My day job is working as a user interface designer for a mobile software startup in Cambridge called iSkoot. I’m proud to announce that we just launched our Windows Mobile clients today! iSkoot now supports a range of mobile phones using both Windows Mobile Smartphone (such as the Samsung BlackJack, Motorola Q, and T-Mobile Dash) and PocketPC (such as the Palm Treo 750 and T-Mobile Wing).
I’ll be the first to admit that the software UI isn’t exactly where I’d like it yet. But it’s still pretty good overall. If you’re a Skype user, please check it out!

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My friend, Courtney, just told me about a cool web site for developers who work on applications and web sites for mobile phones. It’s called simply

I took a quick peek around the web site today and I can definitely say that it looks very good. I’m looking forward to exploring what they offer. Now if only I can find a few minutes of extra time at the day job…

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How to Update FloSpace FloPrompter

A couple of customers have written asking how to upgrade to the latest version. The short answer is that you can always just go to the Downloads page to download the latest version. Follow the instructions to install it, and it will install over an older version with no problem.

Because you’ve purchased FloPrompter and presumably entered in the license key at the prompt, all version 2.xx installers should recognize that and not ask you to enter the key again.

How Do I Tell What Version I Have?

There is no automated “Check for Update” feature in the product yet. That feature is almost done and will be in the next release, tentatively scheduled for early October. In the meantime, you can manually inspect the product to see what version you have, and compare that against the newest version is on the web site.

FloSpace FloPrompter uses the new Microsoft Office 2007 design style. As a result, some familiar menu items have been moved around. For example, the “About” menu item is no longer on the “Help” menu at the top of the screen. Instead, you can see it on the “View” tab in the “Resources” group (right next to Help).

FloSpace FloPrompter - About menu in the red rectangle

Click on that menu item and the About Dialog appears. The current version is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner.

FloSpace FloPrompter - About Dialog - Version number is in the red rectangle

To see what the latest published version is, simply go to the web site and click on the link in the top menu bar for the FloPrompter product:

You’ll see in the gray bar on the left what the current version is. (Version 2.25 as of today. )

For More Information

If you have an RSS news reader, consider subscribing to this blog. I’ve started to publish blog posts whenever I update FloPrompter, plus provide other information to help make using FloPrompter more useful and productive for customers.

And of course, if you have any additional questions or need assistance, you’re always welcome to contact me directly:

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Books on Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Last week, I listed FloPrompter on for the very first time, so I thought it would be cool to see what kinds of books they sell on presentation skills and public speaking. I found a few that look promising based on the title and description. Of course, whether they’re actually interesting or useful is yet to be determined… Still, if you’ve purchased FloPrompter and are looking to use it to help you hone your presentation skills, you might consider these titles as a starting point.

That’s a pretty good start for me, too! Now to reserve some time to hang at the library and do some reading…

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Wireless Presenters for FloSpace FloPrompter

FloPrompter customers often ask me which wireless presenters work with FloPrompter. The short answer is that as long as the device notes that it will work with Microsoft PowerPoint, it ought to work just fine with FloPrompter, too.

Last week, I listed FloPrompter on for the very first time, so I thought I would look on Amazon to see what kinds of wireless presenters they sell. Here’s a short list of the items I found that look like they’ll work. Note that I have only tested one of these items with FloPrompter, but the others look like good alternates.

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FloSpace FloPromper now available on!

Check it out! I just posted FloSpace FloPrompter on! The page went live today: 

It will even show up in search results for “teleprompter” when you type that into the text box at the top of the page.

Call me just a trifle thrilled to see the fruits of my labor being sold on one of the largest online marketplaces in the universe! 🙂

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FloSpace FloPrompter works with Savant Elite Foot Switches

One of our FloPrompter customers works for a karaoke band in California. He recently purchased a Savant Elite programmable USB foot switch from Kinesis Corp to control the teleprompter scrolling while also playing an instrument. The foot switches come in one-, two- and three-pedal versions.

What’s cool is that you can program the device to activate any key on your computer’s keyboard. He got the three-pedal foot switch and set it up to activate these keys:

  • Left Pedal: Activates the F8 key to scroll the teleprompter slower.
  • Center Pedal: Activates the F12 key to stop and start scrolling the teleprompter window.
  • Right Pedal: Activates the F9 key to scroll the teleprompter faster.

The customer reports that the foot switch works fantastically with FloPrompter. How cool is that!

Kinesis Corp. Savant Elite Programmable USB Foot Switches:

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Palm Killed Foleo

I just got an announcement in my email Inbox from Palm. It was a letter from Ed Colligan, the Palm CEO. He said they were basically killing the Foleo Internet tablet/non-laptop/thingie because it had a different OS from the brand new OS they’re developing to replace the PalmOS. They said that developing two different, brand new OS’s was too much work and would distract them from Job #1 — developing the replacement for PalmOS to run their next generation smartphones.


(They reprinted the letter at the official Palm Blog. Check it out.)

This announcement follows barely two weeks after this spot-on open letter from the gadget gurus at Engadget to the Palm leadership. Sounds like that letter did a whole lot of shaking things up at Palm…

FYI: Palm devices bore me. None of the Palm devices are on my Top 10 fave list. (Maybe I should make one…?) That being said, if I *had* to have a Windows Mobile device, their implementation of PocketPC would be my choice. Wait, scratch that. I love the industrial design of the T-Mobile Dash, which runs Windows Mobile Smartphone. If they doubled the speed of the Dash’s CPU, I’d pick the Dash over the Treo 750 any day.

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Mobile Industry Job Board

A friend just shared this resource with me. The IntoMobile web site, which posts industry news posts and phone reviews, also hosts a job board. And by the looks of it, it has excellent coverage U.S.-wide with quite a wide variety of positions. Niiiiiiiice…

IntoMobile Job Board:

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