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Boston Mobile Mondays :: VOIP

I went to the Boston Mobile Mondays meeting tonight at MIT Sloan. (It’s across the street from my new job at iSkoot.) A very good friend of mine, Tim Jasionowski, was on the panel talking about VOIP. Well, that plus the fact that the topic was mobile VOIP and I work for one of the poster children of this little market niche, iSkoot. Very compelling reasons to go!

David Feldman of Feldman Advisors played moderator. He did a great job. He was animated and engaging and moved the discussion along. Thank goodness! Panel discussions can often be a miserable bore, but tonight’s actually kept my attention.

All three of the moderators were interesting, as well.

  • Bob Geiman, Managing Partner at Polaris Ventures and, as far as I can tell, the VC Stud! He is one good looking man… Oh, and smart, too. He played apologist for mobile operators a little more than I would’ve expected, but otherwise smart.
  • Nitzan Shaer, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at IDG Ventures. Formerly head of the Mobile Product Group at Skype. Wicked smart guy. He left Skype 3 months ago to join IDG. He seemed very cool. I would’ve liked to speak to him more privately, but unfortunately he left after the meeting.
  • Tim Jasionowski, Technology Director and Senior Technologist, Rich Media, Nokia Enterprise Solutions. (Jeezus, Tim, that’s a long title!) Also, of course, wicked smart. It was funny when Tim mentioned that you can’t build a business if the revenue model is based on providing something for free, but of course Nitzan took great exception to that comment and begged to differ noting Skype’s $200 million in revenues. It would’ve been entertaining to see those two go off on that thread for a few more minutes…

I didn’t learn anything earth-shattering and new, per se, but I did note a couple of things that I need to keep my eye on. Chief among them was IMS (IP multimedia subsystem): will it revolutionize the mobile industry? Does it present an opportunity for VOIP and companies like iSkoot? Unfortunately, it was barely glossed over tonight so no answers.

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