Nokia 770 :: Getting Gmail to Go

One of the most compelling features of the Nokia 770 I find is the ability to get Gmail on the go. It’s way more addicting than I’d have expected!

Sure, if you have a mobile phone that can run Java applications, you could put Gmail on it. (Along with Google Maps — both compelling downloads for your mobile phone, but that’s another post. And without a good data plan, or a qwerty keypad, it would be both expensive and unpleasant.) With the Nokia 770, you can use the built in email application to run Gmail — or any other POP/IMAP email service. In fact, I put both Gmail and my old Univ. of Michigan email accounts on it. Cool!

Unfortunately, the Google web site doesn’t give explicit instructions for adding Gmail to your shiny new Nokia 770. They tell you how to do it for a bunch of other clients, but not the 770. Because it won’t work unless it’s set up exactly right, I’m here to save the day with step by step instructions!

1. Fire up your Nokia 770’s email application. Click on the People icon > View Inbox. Alternately, click on the Programs icon > Contact group > E-mail.

2. Click on the Main Menu part of the titlebar, then Tools > New account… The Account Setup wizard dialog appears.

3. Intro: Read the Intro screen (blah blah blah), then click Next.

4. Step 1: On the Account Setup (1/4) screen, give the account a name, such as “Gmail”. For the Account type, select “Pop3”. Click Next.

5. Step 2: On the next screen (2/4), put in the following values. Imagine your name is Clark Gable. Enter the following information, then click Next.

  • Name: Clark Gable
  • User Name: (Yes, put your full email address here.)
  • Password: *****
  • E-mail Address:

6. Step 3: Enter information about the incoming and outgoing servers (step 3/4), then click Next.

  • Incoming Server (POP3):
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP):
  • Use connection-specific SMTP servers: (leave this unchecked)

7. The next screen says that account setup is complete — but they lie. Gmail requires a few advanced settings to be checked. So click on the Advanced button.

8. On the Retrieval tab, set the following values:

  • Retrieve: Headers only (Change this if you want, but it’s a good idea to keep this if you sometimes connect over a mobile data connection)
  • Leave e-mail on server: Checked (Do you like to use the Gmail web site? If yes, definitely leave this checked.)
  • Email size limit (kb): 1000 (Or whatever you prefer.)
  • Password authentication: Normal
  • Security: SSL (POP3)
  • Incoming email port: 995

9. On the Sending tab, set these values:

  • SMTP Authentication: Login
  • User Name:
  • Password: *****
  • Security: SLL
  • Outgoing Email Port: 465

10. Leave the Security tab with its default values, but change any of the Composing tab’s values per your preferences.

11. That’s it! Click OK. Then back on the original Step 4 dialog window, click on Finish and the dialog window will close.

12. It may start to pull down your email immediately. If not, speed things along by clicking on the Inbox’s Send/Receive icon. (It’s in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen on the far right; the one with the up and down arrows on it.)

Adding a Second Account :: University of Michigan Email

The above will get your Gmail account all set up. If you’d like to add a second account, be sure to check their settings closely. For example, to set up my University of Michigan account, all of the settings were the same as Gmail’s except the following:

  • Step 2: On this screen, I put only my unique name in the User Name field — not the full email address. So if my full email address were, then in the User Name field, I’d put only: cgable.
  • Step 3: Be sure to check how your service names their incoming and outgoing servers. U-M’s incoming server is: It’s outgoing server is:
  • Advanced :: Sending Tab: Again, the only difference here is to use your uniquename in the User Name field: cgable.

Set the Default Email Account

If you add a second email account, be sure you note which one is the default one. The default one is the one which all outgoing emails you write on the 770 will be sent from. To see which account is your default account, click on the Main Menu part of the titlebar, then Tools > Account settings…

In the Account Settings dialog, it’ll say, “” next to the account name. (Naturally!) If you want a different one, just highlight it with the stylus and press the “Set as default” button. It’s that easy!

Feature Request

Please, please, PLEASE Nokia 770 software developers, add a smart feature to the account setup wizard so that it recognizes a Gmail account and it just does the magic for you! I would like to simply add my Gmail email address and password, and VOILA! The rest is done. After all, these are pretty well known and stable settings and the service is immensely popular.

Actually, if it could recognize the world’s most popular 20 or 30 email services and save users the pain of mis-configuring accounts and trouble shooting alone in the dark, that’d be even better! The Intellisync email service does this for many popular services already, so talk to those folks in Enterprise Solutions (MSU) if you need any help on that. I beg you! 🙂

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